Thank you for visiting my website.

I am a contemporary fiction writer living in beautiful Henley-on-Thames.

My debut novel, Another Us, is the – hopefully! – poignant and funny story of a marriage at breaking point. Emma and Daniel’s son Jack has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Emma is horrified to discover that 80% of such marriages fall apart. With its focus on family life, its humour and its exploration of relationships, Another Us will appeal to readers who enjoy character-driven books with satisfying emotional content and just a little grit.

Another Us was published by Canelo on May 14th  – right in the middle of the global pandemic. It’s had some fabulous review and you can see some and download Another Us here … click on ‘buy on Amazon’ in the bottom left hand corner and it should work) …


I think I am neuro-typical – if there is such a thing! – but one of my children was diagnosed with mild Asperger Syndrome when he was ten. In fact, my book starts pretty close to where we were as a family at that time (with an extra child added in for good measure) but quickly moves into ‘what if?’ territory – exploring the impact of the diagnosis on the family and the marriage. I’ve tried to get across that life with someone on the spectrum becomes the new normal and is full of joy and humour. My son prefers dystopian books but thinks there should be more ASD characters in novels and his only request was that my ASD character is neither a hero nor a victim. I hope I’ve achieved that.

I’m delighted to be represented by Felicity Trew at the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency.

I’m now working on my second novel – affectionately titled Muddy Milly – which is set on an archaeological dig and is about a woman facing up to traumas in her past.

You can follow my writing journey on my blog or connect with me on Twitter where I spend far too much time and tweet as @Kirsten_Hesketh.


19 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thanks, Cass. You need to click on the blog title, ‘The Journey So Far’ to leave a comment. Apparently it will all become clearer when I write a second post. xx


  1. All looking fabulous Kirsten. Love the picture if you in a drain battling snakes! I will store that useful fact fir my next encounter with a snake and call you in.
    And do hurry up with the publication – some of us are getting quite desperate to read Another Us. I’m sure it will make us laugh and cry as much as you do in real life!
    Deb xx


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