New Year, New Me?

A very happy new year to you all!

(Well, it’s still January. Just.)

I hope 2019 has started off well for you. This year I didn’t make any resolutions. I usually do, but this year I actively chose not to. They never work – well, they don’t for me, anyway. By the end of January, the diet de jour – started so enthusiastically and oh-so-religiously – has usually ground to a sticky (and sweet!) halt. The ambitious new gym routine has often seamlessly morphed into a series of chiropractic appointments after one too many badly-executed burpees. And  I am left feeling broke, dispirited, a failure. Who needs that?  But there’s another reason for not making any resolutions. All those promises of a ‘new year, new you’. Well, this year, I decided I didn’t actually want to be a ‘new me’. I am quite happy being the current me, with all my flaws and failures and inconsistencies. There was a moment, two hours into the new year, when hubbie and returned from an evening with good friends. 19 year son was just back from clubbing and 16 year old daughter was hosting a gathering  – or was it a motive? – for a maximum of seven friends  – although I must have been seeing double after all the booze. 😉 We all shared a cuppa and I realised that I am utterly blessed and exactly where I want to be.

(I did have a little thought, though, that maybe if I didn’t make any resolutions, reverse psychology would kick in and I would effortlessly lose a stone and become lithe and supple. To date, I must report, it hasn’t happened.)

Anyway, all this doesn’t mean that I don’t have goals and aims for 2019 and this particularly applies to my writing. I am determined to give 100% to any opportunities that come my way this year and to keep the dream alive. One opportunity that I have been really really happy to embrace is to join with four of my writing buddies, Jane Cable, Kitty Wilson, Susanna Bavin and Cass Crafton to form Sister Scribes.  We have positioned ourselves as women writers about women writing. We will be appearing on the Frost Website every week and we’ve just got our own twitter handle.  Please do come and take a




11 thoughts on “New Year, New Me?

    1. You may well ask. In teen speak, it is somewhere between a ‘gathering’ and a ‘party’ I think! . Many more people than she was officially allowed anyway! Thank for stopping by and commenting xxx

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  1. Kirsten, how lovely that you are feeling happy with where you are right now in your life, flaws and all. Family life is the most important thing. As for the goals – you have worked hard and deserve to succeed. I know there is a lot more to it than deserving it. In the world of writing, there is a strong element of being in the right place at the right time. I hope you find yourself very happily positioned in exactly the right place very soon.


    1. Thank you Sue. Someone said to me when I was starting out that you need talent, but more that that, you need tenacity and luck!! Luckily the journey is exciting and inspiring in itself. Good luck to you too; I can’t wait to hear how this year pans out for you xx


  2. I loved this! What a fantastically positive but also inspiring post, Kirsten! I love you for being who you are and where you are, and you’re absolutely right. We don’t have to set resolutions to still achieve loads!


      1. Me too! I had to take it off at the weekend because I was wearing something to go out in on Saturday night that needed a different necklace, but I put it on again this morning and now I feel complete! 😉


  3. I love this, I came to this year with similar thoughts – especially about not letting myself down by the middle of Jan by inevitably failing at the things I pressure myself to do! Happy New Year and hope 2019 is great for you!


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