Getting It Written


I’m knee deep into a new WIP.
It’s something quite different for me – a story set in the East End of London during the First World War – and I’m really excited about it. The details are for another time – another post – but for now my question is:


After writing (nearly) two novels, you’d think I’d know by now, wouldn’t you? Everyone talks about it. It’s all over Twitter. ‘Don’t get it right, get it written.’ And it’s not as if I didn’t learn the hard way the first time around; ages and ages spent faffing around on the first three chapters -crafting, wordsmithing, sobbing – only for said same three chapters barely even making the final cut.
This time I’ve even got a plan. I’ll never be a true plotter, but I have a five page synopsis type thing to guide the way – so I haven’t even got the excuse that I don’t know what comes next. Yet, here I am again; farting around the with the first three chapters, fretting that I haven’t got to the heart of the matter, that it all sounds really plonky … that it’s all a bit crap really.
Luckily, I have my friends to remind me that it’s meant to be all a bit crap – it’s a shitty first draft for goodness sake  – and I’m meant to feel that it’s among the worst things ever written. And at least I’ve caught myself this time, before I’ve wasted days and weeks …
Onwards and upwards.
Chapter Four here I come.
No more dithering and procrastinating!
At least I’m not the type of person to get side-tracked by dashing off the odd blog post …

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