Life without Twitter.

I’ve left Twitter,

Just for a month … but at the moment, that feels like a lifetime.

No shot of dopamine at a new notification. No getting outraged over the ‘news’ (especially selected for me). No shooting my mouth off about Brexit. No nattering with my lovely writing friends.

Two things prompted this self-confessed Twitter addict to go cold-turkey.

Firstly, my  daughter asked my a question and, when I answered, she said ‘that’s your non-listening voice.’ I laughed, but then I thought about it. She was absolutely right. I had been distracted and I hadn’t really been listening. And, of course, parents can’t be on hand to talk to their offspring day and night but at that moment I had been composing a tweet about how proud I was to have changed the Dyson filter all by myself while hubbie is away.  Which is more important? Hearing about my 17 year old’s exam or shouting into the ether. I actually feel a little embarrassed writing this.

The other reason is the effect of Twitter on my mental health. Writing is a perilous industry and even though writers are generally the loveliest and most supportive of people, sometimes it can get to you.  Maybe it will help to step away while I am feeling vulnerable and down.

So, never being to one to do things by half, I’ve deactivated my account.

Be good while I’m away and see you in a month!

Oh, actually, there’s one more thing about leaving Twitter.

I won’t be able to publicise this post.


19 thoughts on “Life without Twitter.

      1. How exciting. Thank you. Very happy to return the favour and follow yours because it is fab – ; how might I ds that? x


      2. I have followed both your websites … you have thousands of subscribers on one? x


      3. Hi Kirsten! I am very well, thank you, and came across your latest blog as it was posted to Facebook. The upside of ditching Twitter is you’re missing the usual Brexit rubbish. We are also looking forward to Eurovision (tho Martine is a bigger fan than me,). This year ‘pinkwashing’ is nagging at me. I mean I know Tel Aviv IS a great place to be LGBT, but the city spent more on promoting this the other year than it did on actual grants to LGBT groups

        And as for Arab-Israeli LGBT folk, well they generally find that being LGBT is fine, being pro-Palestinian not so much.

        However. It’s not a perfect world…. enjoy watching it with your wonderful daughter (sans your SM distractions!) She’s a smart cookie – takes after her Mum and Dad


  1. Don’t feel down. You will make it as a writer. In fact, even if they are faffing around, you have that amazing commission on the back of your writing. You may be surprised just how much you get done whilst not on Twitter!!

    And, well done for changing that filter?!?!?

    Love you. Deb xxx

    Get Outlook for Android


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  2. Sounds like social media downtime is what you need. One of the “problems” with being a writer is the pressure to do all the social media stuff, as it is regarded as part of the job. Enjoy your time away. Hope you amazed by the amount of extra time you acquire! Sending love and hugs as well as huge thanks for what you did for The Deserter’s Daughter on the radio. You are a terrific friend. No one makes me laugh as much as you do xxx


  3. You’re doing exactly what you need to do for you right now! Well done! I’m very proud of you, because it’s not easy to step away from what can become a ‘fix’.

    Value the time, Kirsten, and if one month becomes two, so be it. I once took a 3-month break from Twitter and Facebook and wish I could do it again… timings not right just now, sadly.

    Oh and don’t forget, we’ll all be staying in touch through other means, so there’s no escaping us!


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