Day Two Without Twitter

Do you remember those days when we used to come into school and discuss the programmes we had watched the night before? I loved those long conversations about the latest episode of The Six Million Dollar Man or Dallas before school started: (I know: I’m showing my age here). And I love Twitter because it lets me do the same thing. Nowadays there is so much to watch, I’ve have rarely seen the same programmes as my friends (Fly Girl and Killing Eve excepted).  However, there’s always a Twitter buddy ready to discuss the OA or whatever weird and wonderful thing I’m currently watching. And  – even better –  Twitter lets you discuss programmes while you are watching them … honestly, I love the British sense of humour and the commentary is often better than the programme!

Confession time. I love the Eurovision Song Contest (please don’t judge me) and last year I howled with laughter as the savage and hilarious tweets unfolded . Like, proper tears rolling down my face/ sliding off the sofa kind of laughter. So when I saw the semi finals were on last night – and I don’t even know how I knew this without Twitter! – I felt a pang of regret that there wouldn’t be a repeat performance this year. But I settled down to watch it without my phone and then a lovely thing happened. DD actually came to join me and I’d like to think that our banter and random comments actually put Twitter to shame. And there is nothing, nothing so precious as laughing til you cry with a teenager who is slipping through your fingers.

Random thoughts … but happy days!!

3 thoughts on “Day Two Without Twitter

    1. I know. What is Australia all about?! When I did my Geography degree …. !! But if they win, I think we should have a Hesketh/CW trip …. !! x

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