Day Four Without Twitter …

…. and the craving is strong.

Reports of my having conquered my addiction are, sadly, premature.

I’ve been working on the novel all day today and, even though the words are flowing and I’m making good progress, every time I have a break, I really, really, REALLY want to log on to Twitter.

I want to connect and shoot the breeze with writerly chums.

I want to see what trending and what I should be getting outraged about!

I want to promote this post.

And I want to share a tweet from my daughter’s school which shows her inflating an artery as part of a cardiology workshop (she sent me a photo of it, in case you’re wondering.)

But I shall resist.

I will order some plants from the nursery to replace the box in our garden which is being munched by pretty green caterpillars.

I will order a birthday present for a friend.

And I will write 500 more words.


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