Day 19 Without Twitter.

So, I might have cheated a little.

Just the tiniest bit.

A few days ago we were at the airport when my daughter announced she had forgotten her anti-sickness mediciation. And, boy, does my daughter get sick on flights! A quick whip round the stores and, whilst I could have had giant Toblerones and perfume and even haggis a plenty, there were absolutely no travel sickness pills. Anywhere. Even Boots came up short. Stress levels rising, I reached for my phone, re-activated Twitter and tweeted the airport help people Cue one very nice DM conversation with Laura who confirmed my fears. No anti-sickness medication at all once you’re past security. (In the end we plumped for some wrist bands with a bead in them which apparently presses on an acupuncture point and, to be fair, daughter was absolutely fine. She even polished off half a bag of chocolate fingers on the flight with no ill-effects. I ate the other half.)

It felt weird to be back on Twitter. At first I was perturbed that the act of deactivating my account seemed to have deleted all the 3,000 odd people that I follow and who follow me. I sat in the Airport Costa feeling – frankly – a bit anxious, but after about 20 minutes, they all miraculously reappeared. Then it began to feel a little excited. This was all a bit illicit. I was back!! And I couldn’t help it. I twitted a jaunty little ‘just poking my head around the door to say hello’ type of message and sat back to await the replies. The ‘we’ve missed yous’, the ‘have you been somewhere’s,’ even the ‘get off Twitter you useless lump – call this a month?’

There was nothing. Absolutely zilch, zero, nada. I refreshed a few times. Nope. Not a flutter. After about twenty minutes, some kind soul said ‘welcome to twitter’ and someone else tried to sell me their book on getting the most out of social media.

So I slunk away again.

That’ll teach me!!






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