Signing Up To Couch to 5k

I used to be a fairly nifty runner back in the day. I even won the school cross country competition way back in 1981 and had my picture in the local paper – all wayward hair and gangly limbs and metal smile. Get me!

But that was getting on for – gulp – forty years ago. My running days were long gone even before I snapped my Achilles three years ago and spent several months non-weight-bearing in a surgical boot. Since then, I’ve been so petrified of pinging it again that I don’t think I’d have broken into a jog even if a fifty pound note was floating away from me.

But then three things happened. I found a brilliant physio and  worked with her at getting my legs and glutes functioning properly again ( I had glute-amnesia apparently). I watched the Great North Run on TV   – how inspirational is that?! And hubbie started doing the 5k Park Run on a Saturday morning and I thought, ‘I could do that too’!

So here I am!

I downloaded the Couch to 5k App and chose my online coach. I re-joined the gym (I’m not ready to be seen on the towpath just yet!) And I got properly measured for a pair of running trainers. Session one was today. Half an hour of alternating walking and running on the treadmill. I’m not saying it was easy. I’m not saying that my jogging speed was much faster than my walking one. And I’m not saying that I didn’t hold onto the sides of the treadmill just once or twice towards the end when the going got tough.  In fact it was bloody knackering!!

But I did it!

And now I’m sitting here writing this the endorphin-glow that kicked in as I was promised … and I will be back for more.

Wish me luck!


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