Saying goodbye …

Tomorrow I will pull myself together and get on with doing life with a smile on my face.

But today I am going to acknowledge my feelings, to allow myself to be sad … to say goodbye.

I’m talking about leaving the European Union, of course –  about Brexit. I have absolutely nothing new or of import to say on the matter but – hell – this is my little corner of the internet and so maybe that doesn’t matter. Either way, it feels important to acknowledge it, me  … us.

I was a Remainer.

I signed the petitions, joined the marches, tweeted and retweeted and, as we navigated all the twists and turns, hoped against hope that we wouldn’t leave. I was brought up to believe that – bendy bananas or not – being part of a union which could help prevent the horrors of a third world war was only a good thing and that if we want things changing, it’s best to do so from the inside. I still believe in the European project. I accept we have to leave as it was the will of the people, but I don’t want to leave. I hope our children will make a different choice in the future.

I’m also British

When we lived in the States I would say I was from ‘the UK’ with genuine pride. I love England and Great Britain as much as the next person.  My husband says I’m soppily patriotic – arranging a street party for the royal wedding, taking our daughter up to London for the Jubilees. Like everyone else, I want the best for our country and the people – all the people – who live here.

So it really really pisses me off to find myself branded a ‘traitor’ for having voted remain. And I hope that from tomorrow we do all genuinely start to pull together and move forward.

For all our sakes.




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