My book is available for pre-order!!

Another milestone moment!!

Twitter is full of writers announcing that their books are available for pre-order and I’m ashamed to say that in the past I’ve always been a bit dismissive. What’s the big deal? And what’s the point in buying something that you won’t be able to read for a couple of months anyway. If it’s an e-book, it’s not as if it’s going to go anywhere, is it? They’re not exactly going to run out!

But, now it’s my turn, it feels huge! HUGE!

My book, my baby, is ‘out there’.

This is actually happening!!

Of course, I know it’s happening anyway. I’m knee deep in edits (eek), writing stuff for magazines (how thrilling is that?!) and asking writers I admire if they’d like an ARC (hoe scary is that?!) It’s all encompassing and absolutely brilliant.

But now it’s ‘out there’. You can actually part with your hard-earned cash and pre-order it!

To be honest. I’m jumping the gun a bit. I don’t have a cover yet. I don’t even have an Amazon author page. I didn’t even know the book had been put on Amazon and the way that came around was a bit surreal. I’d tweeted about The Fear ( bad reviews, no reviews etc etc) and a lovely lady from the States suddenly tweeted ‘I’ve pre-ordered your book.’ So my first (probably) sale was international. Am international-selling author (*pinches self*)

Anyway, thank you all for your excitement, your tweets, your messages, your flowers, your love. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Here’s the link:




(There must be a more elegant way of doing that but if you click on the bottom left corner it seems to work and you don’t have to buy it! )

And now I’ll go away and shut up until I have a cover!


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