A cover reveal in the time of Covid19

Yesterday Another Us had its cover reveal and a very strange affair it was too. People were lovely – bloggers and authors and publisher and agents and friends and strangers all generously retweeting and tweeting on Twitter and saying lovely things about my book.

I’m grateful.

I really am.

And I love the cover. It’s bright and upbeat and on point and I’m very happy with it and very grateful to my designer.

Here it is if you haven’t seen if yet.

Another Us_wide (1)

I love how it has the whole family I’ve created on it  … and the little picture on the wall. So cute.

But … it all feels wrong, doesn’t it?

So wrong.

Wrong to be revealing my cover and promoting my book and asking people to pre-order it when all …. this …. is happening.  It just seems trivial and demanding and an imposition on everyone’s energy when they have so much to worry about at the moment.

So … my book will wait.

I have written this post and pinned a tweet to my profile and now I will let it be.

It;s time to focus on my parents who in lockdown in their care home and my 92 year old uncle who is in total isolation up in London and my lovely children are confined to the house, their lives and education in temporary limbo. Time to focus on the things and people that really matter.

Sending love and brightness to all of you  …. see you on the other side xx






2 thoughts on “A cover reveal in the time of Covid19

  1. Everything is so strange at present. Fear is fighting with the tedious mundanity of life-as-it-is-now. I haven’t written anything for weeks, and feel if I did, I wouldn’t be able to judge if what I was doing was brilliant or terrible.

    I hope that, awful though this beginning has been for you, that Another Us will have a long shelfie life, and that this is the start of a wonderful career for you as an author.


    1. Thank you Sarah. You’re right – it’s so hard to see the wood for the trees at the moment and I can’t imagine ever writing anything ever again at the moment! xx


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