About Me

I was born in London but spent much of my early childhood in Kuala Lumpur.  My younger sisters and I tapped rubber trees, collecting their resin in yoghurt pots, climbed papaya trees and crawled through monsoon drains unfazed by the occasional snake. We ate crunchy ikan bilis, and fiery nasi goreng and the scrummiest, most fragrant, sago gula melaka. And we were too young to understand when the late 60s brought violence and curfews and shut the schools. Who cared what was happening? There was no school

Back in Blighty, we moved around London a bit and settled down in Buckinghamshire in time for cheesecloth and flares, long hot summers, Starsky and Hutch and trying – unsuccessfully – to blag our way into Saturday Night Fever.  I read Geography at Cambridge University and then, enticed by the bright lights, headed to London to work in advertising.

Cue the Chardonnay swilling, credit-card-flexing, Bridget Jones years. Flat shares and XR2s, fax machines and wonky acetates and one glorious year backpacking around the world. Advertising gave way to market research and eventually I set up my own research consultancy, interviewing the great British public on everything from Rolos to razors, Lenor to the Lib Dems.

In 1995, I went backpacking in Peru, met a Scouser and everything changed. We married, moved to Henley-on-Thames and acquired two gorgeous bouncing babies and two exceptionally fluffy moggies. Bar a couple of sunny years in California, we’ve been here for nearly twenty years.  Sometimes we ask each other if we’re bored. The answer, so far, is no. I love the lazily meandering river and the under-rated Chilterns and the gentle rhythms of the seasons and the years. I love spending time with the family, hacking through the mud on a local Roman archaeological dig and cheering on Wycombe Wanderers – especially when they’re winning …

Happy days!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well hello Mrs ND… what a pleasure it’s been, and hopefully more of…. but isn’t there a chapter somewhere about being carried out of the house prone? Health and happiness 😊 x


    1. Ha! And one about me leaving my shoes at yours when tired and emotional after the regatta. And taking my cup of tea home ….. and …. and …. xx


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